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Zika. The whole truth about this virus.

The mysterious virus Zika played in half the world.

Zika. The whole truth about this virus. Half the world is on alert due to the events in Brazil, following an outbreak of infections of Zika virus through a mosquito also carries also other diseases such as dengue and Chikungunya.

 It all started when medical services detected an unusual increase of microcephaly in newborns in Brazil.
Early analysis and previous research focused on the possible cause environmental pollution or the diet of mothers in gestation to determine the causes of this mysterious and alarming increase in cases of newborn babies to the infection.

 Microcephaly is an affectation affected resulting in an unusual growth and no head. What happens is that these babies in gestation suffer a substantial reduction in the size of its head and its welcome. I welcome this reduction is due to poor training thereof implies that these babies suffer limitations compared to a healthy baby.

 Doctors initially attributed it to some kind of chemical poisoning by mothers pregnant state, but to his surprise the results were all negative so immediately derived their attention to an alleged link with increasing affected by the virus Zika after suffering mosquito bites it transmits.

 According to doctors a common factor among pregnant women and mothers affected by the virus, several bruises were scattered by the skin of different body parts due to infection after suffering mosquito bites. These affected areas showed clear signs of being due to infection by Zika.

 But all is conjecture for the time since failed to prove that indeed the virus is responsible for such an effect in newborns. You can not prove even with the presence of the virus that is causing this and is being investigated thoroughly to find out what is happening.

 Interestingly rising global temperatures benefits and much to the spread of this virus is transmitted after suffering a bite from its carrier mosquito.

It is therefore the cause of microcephaly the Zika virus?

Zika. The whole truth about this virus. The biggest problem is the difficulty in establishing direct links between the virus and microcephaly because medical studies can not do human trials so can only set a record in the most current cases and newly discovered cases.

 By tracking mothers and healthy mothers affected virus in gestation to determine whether binding to the virus in their cases occur when babies are born as well as track and other eating habits and use of products that may be causing some kind of toxicology could cause microcephaly in the development of babies before birth.

 It is also thought that perhaps the virus per se is not the cause but this along with another unknown ally may cause malformation of babies.

 All tropical and subtropical countries like Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Argentina or even the United States are performing investigations and controls and monitor the evolution of the virus in a rush to find a solution and avoid a possible pandemic of this mysterious virus marches.

A virus like many other laboratory experiments that are either released to produce this type of reaction of fear and uncertainty on the part of the population and then provide vaccines or treatments is attributed. It would not be the first time a virus beyond the control of scientists when being confined to research facilities and under thorough checks by the laboratory, before they have to cure or effective treatment, these viruses are released or escape through neglect and spread through the population as soon as environmental conditions favor them.

 On average pe prevention is recommended not to travel to these countries in the coming months to avoid being infected. They have already registered several cases of Zika in several European countries by citizens who returned from a destination affected by Zika and suffered a mosquito bite.

 Many of the above countries have a strong interest in the tourism sector and its economy is based largely on this resource. Therefore some countries have taken preventive measures to prevent the spread of mosquito that transmits the virus. One of these measures was to spray the roads to prevent passers-by suffered bites but apparently this measure turned out to be completely useless because the number of cases of infections continued to rise.

 But in our effort to combat the virus research is focusing on how to combat and effective so selected points of reproduction or breeding mosquitoes because without mosquitoes no infection and therefore no virus.

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