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Inditex, the giant awakens.

Inditex, owner of ZARA group continues to grow more and more.

Inditex, the giant awakens. Inditex has long been dedicated to the world’s largest textile market company. Owns brands such as Zara and Massimo Dutti, again sets the trend in the textile sector with a really enviable results.

This past year the Spanish company ended the year with growth of 15.4% higher compared to the previous. This amounts to about 2,875 million euros invoiced in 1015 compared to 2014.

It is certainly a powerhouse with more than 7,000 outlets spread across 88 different markets. With a workforce of over 16,000 and after nearly new additions, the 152,850 jobs spread throughout the world.

It should be noted that this increase in sales is the largest registered by the multinational since 2012, fulfilling the forecasts of analysts bag indicated that the company could exceed 20,000 million euros in this exercise.

The company is proud of its accomplishments and is in Spain, where largest number of stores available that have created over 4,100 new jobs, made very positive given the situation of high unemployment rates prevailing in this country.

But not only has been the increase in sales and the opening of new sales outlets which have contributed to these results, Inditex, which owns Zara, has invested over 1,500 million euros in local, technology, logistics plants improve service delivery and storage as well as deliveries, etc …

And it is in Spain where Inditex has more than 7,500 suppliers, giving the auxiliary industry a great encouragement and support as indirectly work for more than 50,000 indirect jobs are generated, billing industry around 4,100 million this past year.

 Higher dividend and a new bonus for workers.

Inditex, the giant awakens. And intends to distribute among older workers 10% of the increase in profits that the company would generate was communicated.

 Inditex has confirmed its decision to materialize this step dividing among some 78,000 workers from different departments and filiares and meet more than two years old with the company, about 37 million euros.
You will also benefit the shareholders of the company will receive 0.60 euros per share.

It is expected that this year the numbers are as good as it is carrying out the full incorporation of all brands owned by Inditex in the Internet market. Noting that so far had only present through Zara. This will certainly sales continue the upward path as reflected so far.

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