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Human Papillomavirus: a threat that kept secret laboratories.

Human papillomavirus, is the vaccine safe?

Human Papillomavirus: a threat that kept secret laboratories. The human papillomavirus is a group of over 150 known to be generated in the body papillomas. In medical terms, the papilloma is a tumor that occurs either in the skin or mucous membranes and although most of them are benign, meaning they are not cancerous, in specific cases if they can generate dysplastic precancerous (atypical moles) or directly be malignant and cause cancer.

These “moles or spots” generally tend to appear in limbs and knees, but can also arise in the nose, celebrate, eyes, or female breast ducts and genital areas.

But it is the danger involved women or rather their newborns what has made medical laboratories working in the search for a vaccine to prevent being infected by the human papillomavirus (HPV) babies.

The fact is that the baby born to a mother with active genital warts during pregnancy can suffer a dangerous and potentially deadly disease called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis.

Considering for example that America is the country where most young people is contagious. And as it is a virus that almost everyone contracted, it is an ideal for the pharmaceutical market so it’s interesting to market a candidate remedy.

Several pharmaceutical companies already have vaccines that are supposed to be effective to avoid being infected by the (HPV) and you are given a lot of young people, especially to girls 9 and older, and may be given the first vaccine against the virus. Barons also can be vaccinated but is less common. It is considered an age limit to purchase the vaccine, age 26 provided they are not received before a dose of it.

 But what risks hidden receive this vaccine ?, Are there side effects?

Human Papillomavirus: a threat that kept secret laboratories.  Some laboratories warn of side effects but remain oblivious to what in many cases, increasingly happens to receive this vaccine.

It seems that many of the teens who were administered the vaccine, this has caused them damage in some cases irreparable or irreversible. Pharmaceutical not recognize or want to recognize the relationship between these secondary damages and the vaccine itself and defending potential liability for having to market a product that is not safe enough to be marketed and managed. Besides the fact that it is voluntarily taking the vaccine protects them from liability, or at least it has been until now.

In France, for the first time a court has recognized these damage caused by the human papillomavirus. This certainly marks a before and after in the struggle against those affected pharmaceutical companies could be forced to compensate those affected.

 Regional Compensation Commission Medical Accidents Aquitaine (France), who has acknowledged for the first time, has been the relationship of the vaccine papilloma with the damage it has suffered in the immune system, a 15 year old who is administer the vaccine.

It is a fact at European level unprecedented and could be the trigger for a reaction to international beyond European borders and reach well into American territory where as we have said so many cases of infection and therefore many teens is against the virus.

The French case once with the support of the law at his side, has not only been a declaration but according to the information known to that particular case it is known that the lawyer for the family of the young, has filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical holding court verdict.

A massive response from lawsuits against laboratories involved and also against drug agencies, initially not the final impact of these demands are known expected. What is certain is that people are people and can not treat people as if they were animals such as administering pigs drugs and other products manufactured in pharmaceutical laboratories only for the purpose of profit from the business of drugs.

Has put aside everything related to noninvasive treatments with natural remedies as or more effective than pharmacological own, just for the interest of having business apart the integrity of people and not only that if not for abusing so many resources to extract containing the active substances and so synthesize principles.

We know that and will soon be presented demands beyond France’s borders, most notably in Spain several law firms are now finalizing a series of lawsuits against laboratories so that they will join in France are being developed.

This ripple effect will surely go further and more news about the scandal that is being generated to ignore something so obvious as human papillomavirus vaccines are unsafe and have to be revised or withdrawn at least until they are changed will be taken formulas that lead elements such as aluminum attributed the blame of causing evils such as blindness or paralysis in parts of the body, or acute encephalomyelitis and paraplegia.

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