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Easter: Palm Sunday

Passion and faith in this Easter in Spain, the smell of incense and wax their candles will coat the streets.

Easter: Palm Sunday Easter with great excitement begins in every community in Spain. Led by Palm Sunday, the day that according to tradition, Jesus makes a triumphal entrance to the cheers and joy of his people, who were carrying palms, hence the name Palm, Palm Sunday. Every Palm Sunday, Christians in various parts of the world, receive at Mass that day, your palms tend to take home to keep them. Many people hang them on their balconies, others in your hand to accompany their procession Santo Domingo and other leave them with their favorite religious images all year. Also in many places these palms become interesting art exhibitions. Although we can also return to the church, of which ashes for Ash Wednesday will be obtained.

Many were the joys of the people, who then betray days later, all these events will be collected throughout this week, which is named as the Passion Week, passion, death and resurrection of Jesus days of religiosity and awe as the Christian tradition places throughout Spain, in some more than in others, we must emphasize, Holy Week Andalusia.

 Some cities such as Cordoba and Seville, star in this week with great fervor and tradition, taking his steps to the street, the smell of incense and orange blossoms of the flowering trees of the streets. Sevilla started his week with the procession of La Borriquita, followed by the procession of Jesus Stripped, La Paz among other processions to close at dawn your  Domingo Santo .

Easter: Palm Sunday Cordoba also started his week with the procession of La Borriquita with his departure from the cofrade church of San Lorenzo, a neighborhood with solera, located in the historic center of this city, which leave several processions such as Easter Monday and Wednesday Holy. Easter Madrileña has also had an intimate part of Holy Week, preparations behind closed doors before the processions through the streets, leading to the brotherhoods to get full in their feasts of faith.

 Yesterday The Student lived a great time with the placement of the Christ of Faith and Forgiveness on its path. They did it with great devotion for the Palm Sunday, they will give their first steps in the Austrias neighborhood, in the Easter Madrileña. We must also highlight the Maritime Holy Week, which is characterized as, with the Procession of Palms. But particularly the transfer of images to their private homes, one of the singularities of Valencian parties Maritime.

 But not everything is tradition, there are many people who choose their holiday destinations on the coast, and as we echoed the hotel forecasts, the coast is almost 100 percent of tourist occupation. On the other hand there are also many who choose, rural tourism for rest. Mountain, various nature hikes and the farmhouses are the destination of choice for many. There are many ways to live this Passion Week or holiday period for many.

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