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Binary Options: like learning to operate

Binary Options, a mirror of the Forex market.

Binary Options: like learning to operate How to learn to operate in Binary Options. There are many people accessing interested in trying to increase their income through financial markets. Many seek quick ways to make money and mistakenly opt for choosing this type of business with the false belief that rapid learning increase their income considerably.

Nothing is further from reality because this is undoubtedly the world’s most difficult business. That itself is the most cost effective if one is able to undergo the difficult process of loss of initial capital to move to an intermediate stage of search and learning that eventually lead to the final step of profitability and consistency in his work as a trader.

This applies to both the forex market as binary because beyond what most believe, think or say, actually are based on the same so that anyone who is not consistent in forex may be in binary options conversely, one that is not consistent binary options will be in forex.

Why we say this, very simple. This business mass itself contains language, which is commonly called the language of the price. This is the big secret, since no trader who can not interpret this language will never be profitable in any discipline that lends itself to practice.

 Between forex and binary options there are two distinct aspects that make them more or less attractive either. One is that in forex time is unlimited as is decided to take an operation so we can keep it until the price of the asset is moving in the direction we expect and we generate profits. This operation can close it manually or automatically placing a level of “profit” for the price to reach him, close the operation.

Time binary options is limited because not only select which direction the price will go but we should also calculate the time within which the broker options and allows us to select the operating time. Passing this time the operation is automatically closed, whether or not in our favor.

But the losses also exist in two forms. In forex you must know how to manage well the amount of capital to lose should go against our operation, this amount can select ourselves and vary it according consider, is this a weapon double-edged for the novice as it can lose consistently and continuously an account mismanagement. Binary options this risk already assumed when an option is selected, we know that in case of loss this will be 100% invested in this operation capital, although there are many brokers that allow the closure of the operation ahead of time so they may get back part investment.

Binary Options:

Binary Options: like learning to operate Like learning to operate them. Now How can you earn in Binary Options?

The answer is simple, if whatever it is in the process of studying and learning a system, whether or not based on strategies with or without indicators, etc …, we have an average of success of over 70% and this is constant, then we can be profitable by applying good money management. But first we must learn to control one of the most difficult aspects of the business that is “emotional control”. Undoubtedly the most difficult and complex part to understand. As a primary factor is to accept the loss and not feel any emotion that drives us to rush into a next step to try to recover the losses.

Discipline becomes part of a work plan that must be well defined and orderly and that we must respect above all. Only then success in this business is nothing more than the representation of moods of the investing masses reflected in the graphs is reached.

This is an interesting concept because we know that the behavior of the masses or in other words, human behavior is predictable if not if repetitive and here is one of the bases for understanding how the market works.

Based on this testearemos history of an asset from the most in the past that the platform allows us and we’ll search the chart, price movements (price action) that are otherwise equal very similar to determine what was once the answer market (mass) at that stage. Thus in the present, when we recognize a situation same or very similar, we can determine whether the market will go in one direction or another according to our notes of what happened in the past.

It is here the importance of learning to interpret the behavior of the price to be profitable in this business and this is where we will learn to identify concepts with movement and time and direction with a fairly high certainty as to percentage chance that the market does what we predict.
And focusing more on what are Binary Options from this starting point we create our own method of operations that we will be profitable over time.

In another article we will look more specifically in the discipline of binary options and see how we can determine ways to operate, but do we consider this “introduction” and so know how we started.

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